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Jaycee (Dalton) Blakemore

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Jaycee (Dalton) Blakemore

"Once a thundercunt, always a thundercunt."

Full Name:
Jaycee Elizabeth (Dalton) Blakemore
Town of Residence: Serenity, Kansas
Date of Birth:
January 16, 1984
Powder Blue
John and Margaret Dalton
Jared, Drew, and Randy
Best Friend:
Katie-Anne Jacobs and Shannon Dalton
Worst Enemy:
Leila Schilling
Gray and Cade Blakemore
Ava and Mason
Arts and crafts, Photography
2002 Sangria Red Ford Focus nicknamed Sally

Book Appearances

Destined to be Three (Sweet Serenity #1), Heroine
Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome (Sweet Serenity #2)
It Takes Three to Fly (Sweet Serenity #3)
Three Rings and a Rose (Sweet Serenity #4)
The Sweetest Dish (Sweet Serenity #5)
Bound by Love’s Gravity (The Doms of Kinky, Kansas #1)
Luscious Beginnings (Love in Luscious, Kansas #1)
Their Luscious Dream (Love in Luscious, Kansas #2),
Referenced only

Sitting down with Jaycee...

(Jaycee enters the room, her face flushed and her breaths coming in short choppy gasps. She walks over to the couch and plops down.)
Jaycee: “Sorry I was...um, busy with Gray and Cade.”
Mia: “I’ll just bet you were.”
Jaycee: “And you would win.”
Mia: “So, how are things going for you? I just wanted to swing by and check on everyone.”
Jaycee: “Oh, we’re great. When you called, I assumed you were coming over for a girlie chat.”
Mia: “Well, kind of, sort of, not exactly.”
(laughs) “I really came to ask you some questions. I thought it would be fun for people to get to know you better.”
Jaycee: “Cade says I’m an open book.”
(rolls here eyes) “But I disagree.”
Mia: “That’s what all the men say.”
Jaycee: “Yep. Go ahead. Ask away.”
Mia: “We’ll start with the easy stuff.”
Jaycee: “But, I like the hard stuff.”
Mia: “Of course, you do. But after your, ahum, fun earlier, we are going to start out easy.”
Jaycee: “That’s fine by me. As long as we get to the hard stuff later.”
Mia: “You are incorrigible.”
Jaycee: “Sure am. Let's get this show on the road, sister.”
(looks down at note cards) “What’s your favorite car?
Jaycee: “You
are right. That's an easy one. My favorite car is a 1968 Shelby Ford Mustang in candy apple red.”
Mia: “Pretty specific, Jaycee.”
Jaycee: “I’m all about the details.”
(takes a sip of soda) “Where do you like to shop?”
(stares down at her tank top and worn-out jeans) “Seriously?”
(shakes head) “Next question.” (smiles) “Favorite TV Show?”
Jaycee: “I love crime shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS.’m studying up, just in case it becomes necessary to commit the perfect crime.”
A deep, male voice calls out from the kitchen, “Gray won’t bail your ass out of jail anymore, darlin’.”
Jaycee: “Sure, he will, Cade! Then, he’ll spank my ass until I can’t sit down for a week.”
Cade: “So true!”
Jaycee: “Hush, Cade! I’m trying to talk to Mia.”
(smiles indulgently) “Men! Go ahead.”
Mia: “Do you have something you like to snack on?”
Jaycee:“God yes!”
(licks her lips theatrically) “I love apples, huh eavesdropper?”
Cade:“Yes, she loves to bite into them and damned if she doesn’t leave marks when she’s through.”
Jaycee: “You love it when I bite your ass!”
Cade: (chuckles)
Jaycee: “Where were we?”
Mia: “What is the cheesiest pick up line ever used on you?”
Cade: (groans loudly)
Jaycee: “I just thought you should know our names since you’re gonna be screaming ‘em later.”
Mia: “Isn’t that—”
Jaycee: “Ugh, yeah.”
Mia: “Ruh-roh. Moving on…What three words describe you, Jaycee? I know what I think, but I want to hear it from you.”
Cade: “Mia, let me answer this one!”
Jaycee: “Just fix your damn lunch and go eat with Gray! You’ll get to talk to Mia later.”
(mumbles something under her breath) “Independent.—“
Cade: “Stubborn!”
Jaycee: “Cade Dawson McCoy!”
Cade: “I’m going. I’m going—for now.” (The kitchen door slams shut)
Jaycee: “I’m stubborn.”
Mia: “I won’t tell him.”
Jaycee: “Oh, I know you won’t, but I will. It's so much fun to torment.”
(rolls her eyes) “And you get to be punished, right?”
Jaycee: “Definitely.”
Mia: “What do you love most about Cade?And what about Gray?”
Jaycee: “Cade makes me laugh. You know it sounds simple and trite, but it’s the truth. He can make me smile while I cry or giggle while I curse. He just makes everything better with a joke and his crooked smile. Gray is different. With him, I feel safe. He’s so secure and strong.”
Mia: “Those are wonderful qualities in a man or, in your case, men.”
Jaycee: “I’m a lucky bitch.”
Mia: “That you are. What about children? Do you want them?”
Jaycee: “Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to have kids! The pre-schoolers changed my perspective on having little ones. I used to believe I would never want any, and now Gray is trying to talk me out of the seven I want to have.”
(eyes widen) “Damn, that is a lot. What does Cade have to say about this?”
Jaycee: “He wants ten.”
Mia: “Poor Gray.”
Jaycee:“Don’t worry about him. He loves trying to get me pregnant. I will use that to my advantage.”
Mia: “Sneaky, sneaky.”
(wiggles her eyebrows) “Speaking of baby making, I need to see a man about a….well, you know.”
Mia: “I thought you just came from…”
(stands up) “Oh, I did come, but they did not.”
Mia: “Well, hell. I’m sure Gray loves me right about now.”
Jaycee: “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him. He’ll be all better before you see him.”
Mia: “Thanks for that, I guess.”
Jaycee: “My pleasure.” (
turns to leave)
Mia: “Oh, and thank you for talking to me.’s been fun.”
(smiles over her shoulder) “Yeah, it has been. You should visit us more often.”
Mia: “I think I might just do that.”
Jaycee: "Good."
(She leaves)

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